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Giovanni De Feo aka DEFEO, Italian artist, DJ, producer and VJ, born in Battipaglia, Italy, on the 5th of May, 1995. From his early childhood, develops a tendency for the arts of painting and music. Upon completion of his 10-year classical music studies in the class of piano, he becomes closer to electronic music and to the world of underground, particularly to the Techno music in all of its possible forms. He then founds a basis for his work in the research into and experimentation with new forms of sound, assuming and performing the various musical repertoires, without exclusively dwelling on any of them, but amplifying the research boundaries even to interdisciplinary areas; with their electronic, creative and hypnotic sets, they pose him as one of the most interesting young artists into the panorama of the Italian underground music. He attends the Naples Academy of Fine Arts, where he draws inspiration and lives immersed into the culture in one of the world's leading cities of Techno, the unending source of inspiration for the new forms of artistic and musical experimentation that vary from ensembles of natural sounds to constructions of electronic sounds. After years spent in contact with the traditional art techniques in 2015 it came close to the video productions and different installation mixing his passion for electronic music to new knowledge in the field of video. With his first work "Presa Diretta" starts to analyze this world performative acts alternating with video documentation, happening and generative video of his musical compositions. His first release, titled “Salad” issued under an independent label 'Subwoofer', immediately became a must-have, and in collaboration with DJ Gigi Squillante he made this work of his prove its right to occupying a place on the musical stages of Italian underground..
He has begun his musical carreer playing at the Dolcevita Italian Discoteque,one of the most important club of south Italy.
In June 2014 he started his rise in the world of the club with a showcase at the Chelet del Bosco in Rome.
In August 2015 he took part to the GIANO VALLEY FESTIVAL, the line up of which was composed by artists the likes of DJ MURPHY, UTO KAREM , and other rising young artists of the techno scene.
In March 2016 with his colleagues Gigi Squillante, Vincenzo Volpe and Mike Wolfe founded the independent label Society Music Recordings by which have been introduced the best produced songs  of the team.
In June 2016 in an event organized by the label has opened for DJ Lee van Dowsky, and subsequently in the same summer of 2016 has played with the others top international DJs Kevin Saunderson and Kerri Chandler
In October 2016 for the first time he has participated with his label to the “ADE Amsterdam Dance Event “ with a showcase at the club Westerunie of Amsterdam.
In February of 2017 he has returned to Amsterdam to play for the US radio Global Mixx again at the Westrunie. Since then the Global Mixx has supported DEFEO with  the publicising in Colombia of his shoxmixes.
DEFEO is continuing his international carreer trough dates in Italy and Europe and trough his production for the Society Music Recordings,even more appreciated in the International scene.

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